The Frozen Viking Mountaineers and the Book of Varghild

The Team

In the early years of the Viking Age, Fritjof, Halvar, Eerika, Fritjof roamed across the mountains of Scandinavia, exploring its rugged terrain and hidden valleys, and journeying to distant lands, including Ireland, England, and France. These daring raids brought them not just treasures of gold and silver, but also a wealth of knowledge and stories from the far corners of the known world.

During one of their excursions in Ireland, they stumbled upon an ancient abbey, its stone walls weathered by time and its halls abandoned. As they explored its depths, they found an ornate chest hidden within a secret chamber. Carefully opening it, they revealed an object of immense beauty and mystery — a book.

This book, much like the famed Book of Kells, was an illuminated manuscript of incredible intricacy. It was crafted from fine vellum, its pages filled with a still unknown text and ornate illustrations that were a riot of color and detail, intertwining human, animal, and mythical forms. The book was teeming with intricate knotwork and interlacing patterns that seemed to dance and sway across each page. The four adventurers were left breathless by the magnitude of the work before them, its detail, and the skill required to produce such a magnificent piece.

The illustrations contained the strangest figures of poeple, animals, monsters and demons, the history of some unknown world weaved into its art. Yet, unlike the Book of Kells, this manuscript hardly contained anything recognizable. A thousand years later scholars still have no idea what exactly is on the pages.

As Eerika, who was adept in the runic arts, studied the book, she began to understand that it was more than a simple work art. It was a codex, a guide to something greater. Each symbol, every knotwork, and all the interlaced patterns were a part of an elaborate map leading to a sacred artifact.

Compelled by this revelation, the four adventurers set out on a new quest. Guided by the book, they traversed the lands, sailed the seas, and delved into the deepest caves. The journey was fraught with danger, but their resolve never wavered.

In the end, they found the sacred artifact, a powerful relic from the time when the Norse gods walked among men. It was a thrilling adventure, a tale of discovery and unity, a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration that bound Fritjof, Halvar, Eerika, and Olaf together. Their tale lives on, whispered in the wind that sweeps across the Scandinavian mountains, echoing in the tales told by the skalds, and forever immortalized in the pages of their precious book, a testament to their adventures and their indomitable spirit.


Iona was a daring Scottish explorer, born with a thirst for adventure and a love of the great outdoors. She grew up in the rugged highlands of Scotland, where she learned to navigate the rocky terrain and to brave the harsh elements. It was this love of adventure that...


Halvar, an old Swedish name meaning defender of the rock, was a fearless Viking warrior, born and raised in the rugged, icy reaches of the northern mountains. As a young man, he was known for his fierce spirit, his unbreakable will, and his love of adventure. It was...


Eerika, an old Norse name meaning ruling forever, was a proud and fearless Viking woman who hailed from the rugged, icy reaches of the northern lands. Born into a family of proud warriors, she was raised on tales of ancient conquests and mighty battles, and from a young age, she knew that she too was destined to be a fierce warrior.


Fritjof, meaning one who steals peace, was a brave and skilled Viking warrior who grew up in the icy mountains of Scandinavia. From a young age, he learned the ways of the hunt and became a master of tracking and trapping animals in the harsh winter conditions.

The Book of Varghild