**Entry One: The First Full Moon After the Longest Night of the Year**

The sky is lit bright by the first full moon following the longest night. The snow beneath my feet crunches, a symphony of solitude in the vast northern wilderness. I find solace in these mountains, in the silence that only the top of the world can offer. I am far from the clamor of the villages, the din of the mead halls. Here, it is just me, the wind, and the gods.


Entry Two: The First Thaw of Spring

The ice is beginning to yield to the soft whispers of spring. The once crisp and biting air now carries the scent of damp earth and budding life. I’ve begun my descent into the lower valleys, following the trails of the deer and the call of the rivers. The mountains have taught me well this winter, their snowy peaks and frozen lakes as challenging as they are beautiful.

Entry Three: When the Mountains Bloom

The mountainsides are ablaze with the colors of spring. Flowers of every hue have claimed their space between the rocks, dotting the green with their vibrant blooms. I find myself pausing more often, drinking in the beauty around me, the peace it brings. But the mountains are not just about serenity, they are about survival, about strength, and I am reminded of this every time I push through a hard climb or navigate a treacherous path.

Entry Four: The Arrival of the Midnight Sun

Summer has come, and with it, the midnight sun. There is a strange beauty in witnessing the sun at midnight, its golden light bathing the mountains in an otherworldly glow. The paths are more accessible now, the mountain’s icy guard has withdrawn, yet new challenges present themselves. Every step, every ascent is a dance with danger, but I would not trade it for the safety of the village. This is my life, my freedom.

Entry Five: The Night of the First Autumn Storm

The first storm of autumn has descended upon the mountains. The air is ripe with the scent of wet foliage, the once distant rumble of thunder now a constant companion. The change in weather brings a different rhythm to life, a different melody to the song of the mountains. It’s a dance of adaptation, of resilience. I take shelter under an overhang, the fire I’ve kindled a beacon of warmth against the cold.

Entry Six: On the Eve of the Winter Solstice

Winter is at our doorstep again. The mountains are preparing for their long sleep, their vibrant colors fading into white. I too am preparing, gathering firewood, drying meat, marking trails. The coming months will be hard, the mountains unforgiving. But, as the cold winds begin to howl, I can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. For in the heart of the winter, under the cloak of the Northern Lights, I will find my solitude, my peace, my strength. And when the first full moon after the longest night graces the sky again, I will be ready for another year in the embrace of these ancient mountains.