Once upon a time, Iona, a Scottish mountaineer, and Eerika, a proud and fearless Viking woman, set out on a joint expedition to conquer a daunting mountain in the far north. As they climbed higher and higher, the air grew colder and the wind fiercer, but their determination never wavered.

As they reached the summit, they were met by a figure with a long beard and giant sword, who introduced himself as Baldr, the god of light and purity. Iona and Eerika were surprised but unafraid, as they were no strangers to encountering unexpected things on their mountain climbs.

Baldr explained to them that he had been watching their ascent and was impressed by their strength and courage. He revealed that he had been sent by Odin to test their worthiness and to offer them a reward for their bravery.

Baldr offered Iona and Eerika a choice: they could either receive the gift of eternal life, or they could be granted one wish each. Iona and Eerika conferred with each other and decided that while eternal life would be tempting, they would prefer to have their wishes granted.

Iona wished for the ability to climb any mountain, no matter how challenging, with ease and grace. Eerika wished for a never-ending supply of strength and bravery to face any challenge that came her way.

Baldr was pleased with their choices and granted their wishes. As they began their descent, Iona and Eerika could feel the newfound strength and grace flowing through their bodies.

As they made their way down the mountain, they couldn’t help but feel grateful for their encounter with Baldr. They knew that their lives had been forever changed and that they would be able to conquer any mountain, physical or metaphorical, that came their way.